The Glasgow Drum Circle is a community arts group dedicated to learning and playing rhythms of the world.  We are open to adults of various musical ability from the complete beginner to the more experienced drummer.  In order to get people playing and their understanding of these world rhythms developed quickly, where they can perform as a group, we have developed a teaching system using both traditional methods and modern, western notation. This works really well for us. As well as this, we  learn about the culture of origin of the music and the context the music is performed in.

We run two 6 month terms each year and we try to keep the class size to 15 people, so spaces are limited, but that way everyone gets a fair chance of learning in the right environment, where they can hear themselves and their tutors.

The benefits of group drumming are now widely reported over the internet and you don’t have to search for long to find a long list of why its good for you to take part.
For us the main benefits have always been health and fun with a social group with a shared interest.
Tribal drumming is very physical…some sessions are like a work-out at the gym. The music raises the spirit and increases your energy level….with 15 people in the room, feeling good like that and all playing their part to make the sound…well you can imagine the fun we have.

If tribal drumming is something you would like to learn and take part in then please get in touch…we have a drum for you.

Glasgow Drum Circle also perform at various cultural and private events, from Glasgow’s Style Mile Christmas Parade to MacMillan Cancer Charity fire walk events.

To enquire about performances or workshops get in touch


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